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Promoting the Past, Present, and Future of Ohio State Aviation
A Chartered Alumni Society of The Ohio State University Alumni Association Inc.
-- 2017 Outstanding Alumni Society --


  • The strength of a collegiate aviation program can be measured in many ways. One important measure is through the active participation of its alumni including their support to the aviation program
  • Your tax deductible financial gift to an Ohio State Aviation activity of your choice will strengthen the program and demonstrate the commitment of alumni to the Aviation program.
  • An annual gift of at least $75 will upgrade your OSU Alumni Association membership category from “Basic Member” to “Sustaining Member” (visit the Association website for details, ).

The OSU Aviation Alumni Society Board of Governors suggests that your gift be designated from among the following funds:

Aviation Alumni Society - - - Fund No. 314655

                        To support specific initiatives, projects, and programs of the Society intended to advance its mission.
                         Click here to make a gift.

Aviation Student Leadership Award - - - Fund No. 314654

                        Awarded by the OSU Aviation Alumni Society to an OSU junior or senior Aviation major who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in an OSU
                        Aviation student organization. 
                        Click here to make a gift.

OSU Flight Team - - - Fund No. 314046 

                        To assist in funding the expenses of the OSU Flight Team in preparing for and participating in NIFA SAFECON competition.
                         Click here to make a gift.

Aviation Student Recognition and Awards - - - Fund No. 307789

                        To support the funding of OSU Aviation Student Recognition and Awards.  
                         Click here to make a gift

OSU Aviatrix Scholarship - - - Fund No. 310312

                        To provide scholarships for OSU women students enrolled in flight education.
                         Click here to make a gift.

Women in Aviation - - - Fund No. 306674

                        To support OSU student travel to the Women in Aviation International Annual Conference.
                         Click here to make a gift.

NetJets Scholarship Fund - - - Fund No. 306081

                        To provide undergraduate scholarships for OSU Aviation majors.
                         Click here to make a gift.

Tom R. Moorhead Memorial Fund for Alpha Eta Rho - - - Fund No. 302678

                        To support aviation co-ed fraternities projects
                         Click here to make a gift.

NOTE:  If you wish to donate by check
  • Write it to: "The OSU Foundation"
  • Mail it to: The Ohio State University Foundation, 1480 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, OH 43221
  • Memo Line: The appropriate Fund number
  • If you use electronic banking, have your bank generate a check

The Aviation Alumni Society has been formed to promote the advancement and best interests of The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies and its programs, by providing fellowship and furthering professional relationships among alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the Society; and furthering the development of Aviation Students in their career paths.

The Ohio State University Airport-Box 1
2160 West Case Road
Columbus, OH 43235