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Promoting the Past, Present, and Future of Ohio State Aviation
A Chartered Alumni Society of The Ohio State University Alumni Association Inc.
-- 2017 Outstanding Alumni Society --



Hello, and welcome to the OSU Aviation Alumni Society website. 


We are pleased to have you visit.  Through this website you can stay connected with your fellow Aviation Alumni and keep up to date on Aviation at Ohio State, including events in which you will want to participate.





Invitation to Join

We encourage you to join the Aviation Alumni Society. 

Click on "Benefits" to the left to learn about the advantages of becoming a member of the Aviation Alumni Society. 

Click on "Member Signup" to join the Society as a Member. 

All former graduates of The Ohio State University who have completed course work in Aviation at the University can become a regular Member. 

By action of the Society's Board of Governors, non-alumni can be granted Associate Member or Honorary Member status.

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The Aviation Alumni Society has been formed to promote the advancement and best interests of The Ohio State University Center for Aviation Studies and its programs, by providing fellowship and furthering professional relationships among alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends of the Society; and furthering the development of Aviation Students in their career paths.

The Ohio State University Airport-Box 1
2160 West Case Road
Columbus, OH 43235