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2018 Aviation Student Leadership Award

2017 Award winner Mark Reese (OBAP) with AAS Board Member David Sands


The OSU Aviation Alumni Society "OSU Aviation Student Leadership Award" recognizes one student each year who best exhibits the qualities of leadership in an Aviation student organization. Based on nominations submitted by the aviation student organization advisors, the Aviation Alumni Society Board of Governors selects the recipient to be presented the award at the OSU Center for Aviation Studies Annual Aviation Student Recognition and Awards Banquet.

The amount of the award is determined annually by the AAS Board of Governors.

Aviation student organization advisors are invited to submit a nomination.


has been defined as the ability to motivate others to willingly follow a vision and act upon it to achieve the vision.  

Leadership qualities include: integrity, perseverance, magnanimity, humility, openness, creativity, fairness, assertiveness, sense of humor, intelligence, self-confidence, and effective communication.


  • Declared Aviation Major
  • Junior or Senior rank
  • Membership in at least one of the OSU Aviation Student Organizations:
    • American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE)
    • Alpha Eta Rho (AHP)
    • Buckeyes for OSU Airport (BOSA)
    • NIFA SAFECON (when OSU hosts)
    • Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP)
    • OSU Flight Team
    • Women in Aviation International (WAI)
  • The student representative to the AAS Board of Governors is ineligible

2018 Award Amount: $TBD



  • Nominations open: TBD
  • Nomination deadline: TBD
  • 2018 Aviation Student Recognition and Awards Banquet: TBD

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